-Design-related Neighborhood-






flat5は、個々の可能性を開きながら、この緩やかな ”界隈” を創り出します。

“flat5” is a place for people creating new values and trying to change society through  “Design-thinking” whether it be people, products, services, information, organization, space, city … etc.

Organically changing shapes with rich visions obtained by experiencing diverse fields and sharing views through “Design” -– “flat 5” will be creating this loosely knit “neighborhood” while  opening up every possibilities.


■計画/プロデュース Planned and Produced by : Story Design house Co., Ltd. and URBANWORKS Inc.

■空間設計・監理/デザイン監修 Space Design and Construction Administration / Design Supervision : URBANWORKS Inc.

■施設運営 Operation : asDesign Inc.



株式会社asDesign   asDesign Inc.

flat5は、Story Design house株式会社および株式会社URBANWORKSが共同で設立した、株式会社asDesignが運営しています。

“flat5” is operated by asDesign Inc., a company co-founded by Story Design house Co., Ltd. and URBANWORKS Inc.


■設立 Founded: 2016.7.21

■住所 Address: 103-0013 東京都中央区日本橋人形町2-13-11 人形町MSビル

Ningyocho MS bldg., Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0013, Japan

■代表取締役 Representative: 隈元瞳子・後藤良子   Toko Kumamoto and Ryoko Gotoh